(l-r) Matejka Cabin summer 2010; Work begins on the cabin; Cabin completed.

Matejka Cabin has been completed!  The Volunteer Associates began the project with the Park in 2010, and this past summer we completed the final tasks for the project.  The Park has built an interpretive sign at the parking space at the trailhead to the cabin.  It reads as follows:

“Down this lonely, weathered track stands the Matejka cabin  Even by today’s standard this is a truly remote location.  Imagine living here in the early 1900’s.

Twenty-three year old Rudolph Matejka, a homesteader from Nebraska of Bohemian descent, built a cabin here in 1908, two years before the establishment of Glacier National Park.  The barn and other outbuildings no longer stand, but this single room log cabin remains as an excellent example of first-generation log architecture and is a tangible link to Glacier’s storied past.

The cabin might not have survived without the help and assistance of our park partner, The Glacier National Park volunteer associates.  Their assistance was not merely financial.  The Associates contributed nearly 400 hours of labor between 2011 and 2014 helping to reconstruct the cabin.  Each nail they hammered and each brush stoke they painted helped to preserve a vital link to the very origins of Glacier National Park.