Matekja Cabin Restoration Completed--Finally!

Matekja Cabin Restoration Completed–Finally!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Matejka Cabin is the second oldest structure in Glacier National Park, erected in 1908 by Rudolph Matejka, a 23 year-old homesteader, originally from Bohemia. It is located in the North Fork area of the park. The homestead originally had the cabin, a barn, outhouse and storage area. Today, only the cabin remains.

When the park decided to restore the cabin in 2010, the Volunteer Associates were asked to help, both financially and with volunteer labor. Over the course of three summers, GNPVA contributed nearly 400 hours of labor and over $5,000 to the restoration.  It is now qualified for the National Register of Historic Places.

GNPVA considers the cabin to be our hallmark toward historical restoration in Glacier National Park.

If you would like to see the cabin, drive five miles down the Inside North Fork Road from Fish Creek. Park at the Howe Lake trailhead. There is a path across the road from the trailhead–walk that about 25 minutes to the cabin.