Volunteer Day

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Each May, in conjunction with our annual meeting, we sponsor a Volunteer Day in the park which gives members and non-members an opportunity to spend time volunteering on various projects covering a wide range of park activities.


GNPVA - Volunteer Day Gardens

The native plant nursery sees lots of activity on Volunteer Day. Volunteers help prepare seedlings and plantings and assist with plant propagation. We also spend some time with the high school intern at the nursery, whose stipend we fund.

This is a great way to help the park and meet people with a like interest—volunteering in the park we all love! Trail maintenance is also a popular activity, with crews of volunteers working with park staff to get trails ready and open for the summer season. And the carpentry shop hums along with volunteers helping on projects like new kiosks, window replacements and staining and painting.

GNPVA - Volunteer Day