GNPVA - Backountry Intern Program



Backcountry Ranger Intern Program

Glacier National Park approached the Glacier National Park Volunteer Associates, asking if we were interested in helping fund the salary of a summer backcountry ranger intern. The answer was a resounding “YES” and the Backcountry Ranger Intern Fund was started. Proceeds from various activities plus annual contributions from GNPVA members have been added to this fund throughout the years.

In 1995, Taggart Schubert, the son of Dick and Sue Schubert, was a University of Montana student and summer employee at Glacier National Park who worked at the Goat Haunt Ranger Station as a summer intern. He died in a climbing accident that year while ascending Mt. Jackson with friends during the winter. In recognition of Taggart’s love for the park, especially the backcountry, the Schubert family created the Taggart Schubert Memorial Fund in 1996 as a living tribute to the memory of their son.



Also that year, the Volunteer Associates partnered with the Schuberts and used their combined funds to support a summer backcountry ranger intern. The intern’s salary comes from monies raised by GNPVA from activities and member contributions to the Ranger Intern Fund and through donations made to the Memorial Fund. The cost of providing the intern’s salary in 2019 was $9,500.

In 2018, the Schubert family approached the park and GNPVA with the idea of fully funding a second backcountry ranger intern, for years to come. Because of increased visitation to the park during the winter, park staff felt it important to add to their presence in the backcountry from December through March, so the second intern, a Backcountry Winter Wilderness Ranger Intern began work in 2019, the salary of this intern is paid by the Schuberts, through the Memorial Fund. GNPVA pays for the equipment, shoes, skis, bindings, poles, avalanche equipment, etc. for the ranger intern to borrow while they are employed in the park.