The YouTube viewing link for each presentation will be posted on our website on January 24, February 28, and March 28.


John Waller - March 28, 2022 CLICK for YouTube Presentation


March 28, 2022

Presentation Title – Mad Bears

John Waller is the Carnivore Program manager in Glacier National Park.

The increase of day hikers and backpackers on the trails has left the bears with less places to roam undisturbed. Dr. Waller will discuss and review how GNP’s grizzly and black bear populations are adapting to the large number of visitors and what behaviors the bears are exhibiting.


John Waller




Lisa Bate - February 28, 2022 - CLICK for YouTube Presentation


Lisa works as a wildlife biologist for Glacier National Park, specializing in birds and bats. She oversees several research, inventory, and monitoring projects including harlequin ducks, songbirds, raptor nesting and migration, black swifts, Clark’s nutcrackers, and bats. Lisa Bate also oversees wildlife and compliance monitoring for projects like the reconstruction of the Going-To-The-Sun and Many Glacier Roads, focused on preventing detrimental effects to grizzly bears. Prior to her employment at GNP, Lisa worked as a private research wildlife biologist focusing on birds, cavity-nesting species, and their habitat.


Presentation Title - Tapping Local Energy to Accomplish Wildlife Research, Monitoring, and Inventory Goals in Glacier National Park.


Glacier National Park (GNP) is comprised of a multitude of rich and diverse habitats, which in turn supports hundreds of wildlife species. Although many species in GNP are common, some are rare or listed as species of concern due to declining numbers, disease, climate change, or a simple lack of inventory data. Biologists in GNP, seeking to learn about these species to aid in their conservation, rely on limited staff and a large group of volunteers to accomplish wildlife research, monitoring, and inventory goals. See what local energy has helped to accomplish!


Lisa Bate




John Fraley - January 24, 2022 - CLICK for YouTube Presentation


January 24, 2022

John Fraley is a retired wildlife biologist and information officer for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. Currently John is an adjunct faculty member at Flathead Valley Community College, where he has taught wildlife conservation for two decades. He has authored many articles and books. His book, Wild River Pioneers, has the stories of Libby Collins and Josephine Doody.


Presentation Title – Wild River Pioneers - Two Woman of Glacier

Libby Collins, the "Cattle Queen of Montana" and Josephine Doody, the "Bootleg Lady of Glacier Park", both had prominent historical roles in the early history of Glacier National Park. Collins operated a mine in the upper McDonald Drainage along with a number of Glacier characters. Libby's story is a little-known piece of GNP history. Josephine Doody was a documented bootlegger, living on a homestead across the Middle Fork of the Flathead River within GNP near Nyack. Both women were intrepid pioneers who left indelible marks on Glacier National Park history.


John Fraley