2022 – May – At the GNPVA May Board Meeting, Paul Austin, GNP Chief Ranger, thanked GNPVA and the Taggart Schubert family for the continuing support of the Backcountry Ranger Intern Program. >> (https://gnpva.org/RecurringProjects/BackcountryRangerIntern/tabid/7128/Default.aspx)

Sarah, Paul, Kylie, Mia

He recognized the program as a way to help diversify the National Park Service. This is the way we can influence and support the future leaders of the National Park Service.

Mia Heffernan is the 2022 summer Backcountry Ranger Intern she will be based in the North Fork region. Kylie Heikkila, the ranger at Polebridge will be Mia’s supervisor and mentor. Mia will conduct patrols in the Kintla and Bowman drainages.

Sarah Williams was the 2022 winter intern and thanked the Schubert family and GNPVA for supporting the Backcountry Ranger Intern program and for providing her with such a life changing experience. Sarah gave a wonderful slide presentation which highlighted her experiences during her tenure as the Winter Wilderness Intern. She is one of only a few women teaching others about avalanche safety and thankful for the opportunity to be a mentor to young women who may be the next generation of leaders in the National Park Service.

Sarah Williams, 2022 Winter Wilderness Ranger Intern

Paul Austin, Chief Ranger of GNP

Kylie Heikkila, GNP Ranger in Polebridge

Mia Heffernan, 2022 Summer Backcountry Ranger Intern