We had a nice turnout at our annual Volunteer Day and GNPVA Annual Meeting. Below are some pics from our annual volunteer day which we have not been able to have since 2019 because of covid. So grateful to all the volunteers that showed up to help GNP with several projects. It was a warm and sunny day and we all worked hard and had fun too, spending time with new and old friends. Thank you

At our Annual Meeting current Board Members were introduced,

(Board President, Barb Lancaster gave a brief presentation on volunteer work members contributed to GNP during the past year.)


(Barb and Doc Smiley, Treasurer, presented the 2023 funding check for the backcountry ranger summer intern to Jillian McKenna, Wilderness Coordinator and Paul Austin, Chief Ranger.)




(Elizabeth Maki, Chief of Interpretation told us about what we might expect this summer in the park.)


(Eric Pels, GNP Carpentry Shop heading up our volunteer day project at the Ed Center.)


(Natalie Erwin, GNP Community Volunteer Ambassador, introduced herself.)


Railing and Deck scraping and painting at the Apgar Education Center:

(Eric, Doc & Jim)

(Eric, Joanne, Cheryl & Rick)


(Lunch Break)



Publications project at HQ, bundling info that will be distributed throughout the park for visitors.


(Teri, Sharon, Lori, Shelly & Carol)

(Teri & Sue)

Apgar Nature Center cleaning for reopening on June 10. We are all excited that the ANC will be open this summer since the last year was 2019 because of Covid. Sue Swab,



GNPVA secretary, has worked very hard these past few months to make this happen so smoothly. Check out our website for more info gnpva.org.