2023 - GNPVA Volunteers have been busy helping Glacier National Park with various projects this year and will continue to help with more in the coming months. The biggest excitement was the opening of the Apgar Nature Center on June 10, 2023, after not being open for three years because of the pandemic. We have volunteered in the corral/filter station helping visitors with the vehicle reservation system, opened/cleaned the AIR cabin for the arrival of the June artist, painted the interior of several GNP housing units, helped visitors in the Apgar visitor center, helped at GNP HQ in answering phones and visitors questions, sanded, painted and cleaned up the exterior of the GNP education center in Apgar, sanded and painted the McDonald creek overlook, painted with the stencil directions on the bike path at HQ, bundled information for visitors at HQ, we are also campground hosts, backcountry permit office, backcountry patrols, river patrol and assist visitors at Avalanche parking. We are always glad and excited to help GNP in any way we can.

AIR Cabin Cleaning Exterior

AIR Cabin Cleanup

AIR Cabin Prep Group

Apgar Nature Center

Fred Thompson long time volunteer - Sue Swab GNPVA ANC Volunteer Coordinator

Apgar Nature Center Entrance

Apgar Nature Center Interior

Belly River Log Prep

Bike Path Painting

Bundling Info for Visitors at HQ

GNP Corral

GNP Corral Helping Crew

GNP Corral VUM

GNP Education Center

GNP Education Center Work

GNP Employee Housing Painting

GNP HQ Phone Duty

GNP Visitor Center Helping

GNPVA Corral Helping Visitors

GNPVA Volunteer Vest

McDonald Creek Overlook

McDonald Creek Overlook Painted

McDonald Creek Overlook Volunteer

McDonald Creek Overlook Work Crew

Painting Employee Housing