Backcountry Preservation


Since its inception in 1989, one of the major areas of emphasis of the Volunteer Associates has been backcountry preservation. We raise and manage funds for the backcountry, help with work projects, trail maintenance, and historic preservation, and have provided initial funding for backcountry volunteer rangers and river patrols.

We contribute to the experience of backcountry camping in this majestic national park by helping to maintain and improve campsites, toilet facilities and structures.

Groups of our volunteers are often asked by park staff to help rehabilitate and stabilize historic structures such as homestead cabins in the North Fork area of the park, backcountry ranger stations and patrol cabins, barns and bridges.

In 1993, the Backcountry Preservation Fund was established, solely to protect and preserve Glacier’s backcountry. This Fund, managed by GNPVA, receives donations from backcountry campers which are then used to help fund needed projects throughout the backcountry of the park. Beginning in 2019, partial funding for salaries or equipment for summer and winter backcountry ranger interns may also come from this fund.


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GNPVA - Backcountry Preservation Belly River Cabin

Belly River Cabin

GNPVA - Mateja Cabin

Matejka Cabin


GNPVA - Backcountry Preservation Belly River Cabin


GNPVA - Mateja Cabin






GNPVA - Food Prep Area Installation