Native Plant Nursery Intern

GNPVA - Native Plant Nursery Intern

Above Park Biologist Dawn LaFlaur, Claire Schmidt (Intern) and GNPVA President Tom Nelesen


Read GNPVA Native Plant Nursery Intern Claire Schmidt's research paper entitled What is Wrong with that Tree.



For 15 years, the Volunteer Associates has been providing a stipend enabling a Columbia Falls High School student to intern at the Native Plant Nursery at Glacier National Park. This intern works at the Cooperative Greenhouse located at the high school during the winter months, helping the park’s winter propagator. During the summer months the intern works with park staff in the Native Plant Nursery.

The intern receives a stipend for 80 hours of work over the winter and 220 hours in the summer. The total cost of the grant is $2,550.00

The 2018-2019 intern was Claire Schmidt. Claire wrote of her experience: “I would like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to work as an intern with the Plant Restoration Program these past two years. Working in Glacier National Park has been an experience I’ll never forget. Not only has my passion for scientific study been solidified, but my love for Glacier’s diverse landscape has expanded in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I know that no matter what I end up pursuing as a future career, nature conservation and restoration will always be something I hold dear to my heart. Thank you for supporting my curiosity and helping me work towards my dreams.”