2023 - GNPVA Speakers Series

Northwest Montana History Museum in Kalispell, MT

7:00 pm on January 23rd, February 27th and March 27th in 2023.
Please join us, all presentations are Free and open to the Public.


January 23, 2023


Sumio Harada

VIDEO SHOW - Life In Glacier

Wildlife photographer Sumio was born in Japan. He studied biology at the Tokyo University of Agriculture. In 1994, he moved to West Glacier for photographing mountain goats as "his lifestyle" in Glacier Park. Since then, his works were published in many magazines and books internationally. In 2016, after he published the last photo book WILD HARMONY of GLACIER NATIONAL PARK, he started to shoot videos to document the entire life cycle of mountain goats. He lives in Coram with his wife Kumi.

Watch this Short Preview Video



February 27, 2023

J Belt

Jami Belt

Discover Glacier's Citizen Science Program: What we've learned and what we still have to learn.

Jami Belt is a biologist at Glacier National Park and has led Glacier's Citizen Science Program since 2006. Prior to that she worked at the Glacier Institute. She holds an undergrad degree in neuroscience from Miami University and a wildlife biology masters from the University of Montana. Under Jami, Citizen Science’s over 150 volunteers are the extra eyes, ears and feet of Glacier’s biologists adding observations about goats, bighorn sheep, loons, hawks, eagles and pika throughout the park. In addition, 200 outreach partners provide learnings through joint programs. Get an update on golden eagle counts during migration this fall, goat herd size changes, future plans for pika and pollinators, and more. “We have learned so much about the fascinating trials of life going on in the park from our citizen science team, more than a few biologists could ever uncover alone.” She loves to work with people who love the places they call home. She lives in West Glacier with her two sons where she enjoys running and eating fruit.



March 27, 2023

Bill Dakin

Bill Dakin

“Going To The Sun: Building the NPS’ first road, 1916-1932”

Columbia Falls native Bill Dakin attained a B.S. in History at MSU (’71) and an M.A. in Anthropology at UM (’81). He was a Glacier Park Road Crew leader and equipment operator for a dozen years, and, with the late fellow crewman/historian Dennis Holden, was tasked by Supt. Robert Haraden to research the Road’s construction history for the park’s 50th anniversary ‘reunion’ of surviving construction workers in 1983. His program was presented to the Montana Historical Society’s 2010 conference focused on Glacier’s centennial. As new historic resources are found, he has enhanced this one hour slide presentation and narrative.

“I’ve been a history buff since I could listen and read. I spent a decade of my working life on ‘the hill’. I think being informed about why the Road came to be and how and by whom it was built enhances anyone’s enjoyment of it."

He suggests that attendees review the Ken Burns PBS documentary on our national parks (episodes 3 and 4) to add perspective to the program. Bill was appointed in 2000 by Interior Secretary Babbitt to the NPS’ Going-To-The-Sun-Road Citizens Advisory Committee to advise on its reconstruction.