Apgar Nature Center

Nature Center Sign

Entrance to Apgar Nature Center

Over 12,000 park visitors made a stop at the Apgar Nature Center during the 2016 summer season to touch the skulls, feel the pelts and take part in all the hands-on exhibits.  This number represents a 5.4% increase over 2015 and establishes a new record for visitation.

The dedicated crew of GNPVA volunteers  are primarily responsible for this opportunity.  Our volunteers logged over 922 hours in the nature center this past season.

Apgar Nature Center

Apgar Nature Center

The Volunteer Associates met with Park officials a few years ago, wondering what we could do to help increase the visitation to the nature center (it was only open an hour or so each day).  Park officials asked us to find and organize the volunteers, coordinate the scheduling and fund the operational costs, which we were happy to do.

We now have a group of 22 dedicated volunteers staffing the nature center seven hours a day, every day, during the peak season.  The nature center provides a great volunteer opportunity for those who prefer not to hike the backcountry or paint a building!

(l-r) Hands on displays (from NPS), Volunteer talking about bears, Teacher-Ranger discussing how glaciers are formed.