Backcountry Ranger Intern

Audrey Jones working in the backcountry.

In 1996 GNPVA announced the formation of the Backcountry Ranger Intern program.  The Associates would provide the funds for the salary of a summer intern, while the Park would select the intern and furnish housing, training and uniforms.  Currently, the intern is based at the Walton Ranger Station, but may move to different areas of the backcountry during the summer.


Taggart Schubert, a University of Montana student and a summer employee at Glacier National Park, worked at the Apgar Visitor Center and the Goat Haunt Ranger Station as a summer seasonal employee. He died in a climbing accident while ascending Mt. Jackson with friends.

Taggart SchubertIn recognition of Taggart’s love for the park, the Schubert family and GNPVA created a Memorial Fund in his name in 1996. The Fund’s money is invested and is used to help provide a salary for each summer’s Ranger Intern.  Additional funds for the salary come from donations from our members to the Ranger Intern Fund and income from fundraising activities.


This legacy has provided funding for the Ranger Intern since 1996 and is a living tribute to the memory of Taggart.

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