Our Work

The Glacier National Park Volunteer Associates is a non-profit, all volunteer official park partner with no paid staff. Our volunteer efforts highlight our primary purpose—“to bring together people interested in the proper care, protection, management and preservation of Glacier National Park.”

The Associates contribute funds and/or labor in the following areas:

  • Visitor Center
  • Transit Center
  • Apgar Nature Center
  • Native Plant Nursery
  • Backcountry Permit Office
  • Campground Hosts
  • Backcountry Ranger Patrols
  • River Patrols
  • Bike Patrol
  • Goat Patrol Project at Logan Pass
  • Backcountry Ranger Intern Project
  • Native Plant Nursery Intern Projects
  • Hawkwatch Project
  • Citizen Science Projects
  • Research Projects
  • Trail maintenance
  • Restoration of Historic Buildings
  • Construction, painting, site cleanup

and wherever the Park asks for our assistance.

The Associates also sponsor the annual Winter Speakers Series, held in January, February and March in Kalispell. The speaker’s topics deal with areas of interest in the park. Past topics have included grizzly bears, wolverines, avalanches, wolves, bats, fish, the backcountry, park safety, glaciers and current park issues.

Associate members contributed over 7,000 volunteer hours in the park in 2016, which translates into over $164,920 in in-kind labor to the park. The Volunteer Associates have been making significant contributions to the park since 1989 and our programs and projects help to ensure that all of the visitors to Glacier National Park are able to fully enjoy their “wilderness” experience.